Recertification Program

CAFM®/CAFS® graduates must submit to the Recertification process every five years to maintain an active status. Graduates are notified in writing of Recertification requirements a few months prior to due date.  Graduates must complete and return CAFM®/CAFS® Recertification Guidelines along with $150 Recertification fee to NAFA Headquarters by formal due date to maintain the designation. For your convenience, there is an electronic version of those guidelines below. While early submissions are appreciated, they will not be processed until the month recertification is due.

The requirements for CAFM® Recertification are 80 points while CAFS® Recertification requires 50 points.

Click here to Download Recertification Guidelines

Individuals who do not acquire sufficient maintenance points for recertification by formal recertification date will be notified in writing of suspension from using the CAFM®/CAFS® designation and will no longer be recognized as a CAFM®/CAFS® and, therefore, must resubmit to the entire certification process. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis.

The Certification Board suggests that graduates keep a designated Recertification file to collect and document all professional education and community activities. You may also want to review your file and accumulated points annually to assess remaining points needed to successfully meet your Recertification requirements.

Online Recertification Tool

The online recertification tool is an initiative set in place by the Certification Board as an added-value service for current CAFM®/CAFS® designees. Using this service, you will be able to:

  • Review recertification guidelines
  • Keep track of your current recertification cycle and expiration date
  • File your recertification points
  • Keep track of your recertification points
  • Download your recertification form
  • Renew your certification/Make Payment
  • Receive reminder notifications from NAFA
  • Access past recertification submissions
  • Update your profile

To access the recertification online tool, please click on Recertification and enter your User ID and Password.

Lifetime Certification

Upon reaching age sixty (60) or upon formal retirement, a CAFM®/CAFS® is eligible to be considered certified for life. NAFA requires that a Lifetime Recertification Request Form be submitted along with documentation showing proof of age before a Lifetime Certification Award is presented. Payment of $100 also applies. Click here to download the form.

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