Individual Certification Webinars

The NAFA Certification Board has prepared a series of webinars for certification program participants.  Individuals who are not currently participating in the certification program also have access to view these webinars and learn about materials covered in the certification programs.

These webinars are geared toward enhancing learning for the CAFM/CAFS certifications, focusing on the competencies and disciplines within the program.

Below is a list of available webinars

CAFM/CAFS Webinars
Recertification Webinar
CAFM Kick-off - The Launch and Successful Completion of Your Certification
CAFM/CAFS Professional Development Sessions - Online Boot Camp
The Buzz on CAFM
CAFM/CAFS Maintenance Management Webinar
CAFM/CAFS Vehicle Fuel Management Webinar
CAFM/CAFS Asset Management Webinar
CAFM/CAFS How to Become A CAFM
CAFM/CAFS Fleet Information Management Webinar
Upcoming Exams
Open Enrollment

Friday, February 23, 2018